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Since 1994, 2nd address has been providing professional promotional solutions, offering services such as photographic and video shoots, promotional film and music video production, illustration, website and corporate identity creation. Although founded in Istanbul, 2nd address moved to Bodrum, Muğla in its 10th year in order to avoid the high stress levels that stifle creativity. In a very short time this proved to be a great success. Helped by the positive energy surrounding Bodrum, Turkey’s small corner of paradise, 2nd address was able to develop its service network and client portfolio, successfully completing many projects. By adapting to constantly changing technology and trends, 2nd address has continued to offer accurate and effective promotional solutions. Despite the challenges of increasing competition, quality of service and client satisfaction have always remained the priority for 2nd address. Today, this concept of service quality continues in the city of Toronto in Canada.

With its wealth of experience and professional approach, 2nd address offers an array of services to help you create the right corporate identity with an effective logo, design a website with the most advanced, world-wide infrastructure, create illustrations for decorative or promotional purposes, or take high-quality photographic and video footage using our professional equipment and knowledge to advertise your chosen product, architectural project or services.

A person who cares about their outward appearance is a person who also cares about those around them. First impressions of a presentable person are reassuring and positive. This rule also applies to businesses. Although the main indicators of a lasting business relationship are quality of service and integrity, if first impressions are not positive, a productive business relationship can fail before it has even started. This is why the outward appearance of your company, which plays such an important role in your life, is just as important and valuable as you are.

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